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Ivor Cummins on The James Delingpole Channel

Ivor Cummins aka the Fat Emperor – gives James the lowdown on why you can’t trust anything our governments tell us about Covid-19. If you want the facts on Coronavirus – how deadly is it? do lockdowns and masks work? how does it compare with previous pandemics? – you’ve come to the right place

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Top German Covid expert pours scorn on Boris Johnson’s ‘mutant strain’ claims, saying ‘politicians simply called it 70% more infectious’ – Daily Mail

A top German virologist heavily played down fears about Britain’s mutant virus strain today, saying he was ‘not so worried’ and questioning Boris Johnson’s claim that it is 70 per cent more infectious.

Christian Drosten said the 70 per cent figure was ‘simply called that’, suggesting that preliminary scientific estimates might have been overblown by politicians.

Opinion Videos

Sloppy coronavirus immunity with Christian Drosten – This Week in Virology

Dr. Christian Drosten, publisher a workflow of a real-time PCR (RT-PCR) diagnostic test used throughout the world:

“We are now losing public trust. Certainly. .. Because the disease is not existing! [sic] It’s not there. .. Even though the incidence goes up, the fatalities don’t go up. There are no dead people.”

This is from around 34 minutes into the video. In other words, “We are losing public trust because the real world doesn’t match up with our theoretical data. The public is stupid in trusting their actual experience.” This is clearly a case of very smart people completely clouded to the truth. They trust their theories more than reality.