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Alternative UK grocery delivery services

In January 2022, UK grocery delivery services including Ocado and Morrisons announced a policy of cutting sick pay for staff who have chosen not to take COVID-19 jabs. Customers responded with their intention to boycott the company so we have put together a list of alternative delivery services to make the transition easier.

Note that we do not know the policies of the companies listed here. Please post a comment below to give feedback or suggest other alternatives. If you are looking for local businesses who reject the ‘New Normal’ and treat their customers as human beings, view our local business directory.

Mainstream UK grocery delivery services

Just as we believe that it’s important to support alternative technology platforms, we also think it’s a good idea to try out new delivery services. Nevertheless, family shopping needs can mean that mainstream services are the only practical option.

The John Lewis partnership had decided to differentiate itself by reassuring staff it will offer sick pay regardless of their Covid vaccination status. If you find that only a mainstream grocery company can meet your family’s needs, you may like to send your business to Waitrose.

Keep in mind that Waitrose still advises shoppers and staff to keep wearing face coverings, despite the UK government dropping mask wearing mandates in England.

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