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What is the scientific and medical basis for the measures being put in place for COVID-19? Should we wear face-masks? Is social distancing helpful? Did lockdown prevent deaths? Many people are afraid but all the evidence shows that most of us have nothing to fear. The great majority of people, even in the highest risk groups, will be fine.

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Key facts

COVID-19 can indeed be a terrible disease for a segment of the population but if news headlines are your only source of information, you may be surprised to discover that most have little to fear from the virus itself. Despite the frightening reports, experts in the field of epidemiology, microbiology and virology have enough evidence to come up with these key facts.


In at least 80% of cases, the virus produces either no symptoms or a mild cold-like illness. The median infection fatality rate for COVID-19 is 0.27%. This brings it close to seasonal flu which is around 0.1%-0.2%.

Most of the population have no risk of dying from COVID-19.


The people at risk from COVID-19 are clearly defined and should be protected with targeted measures. Children are not susceptible to it nor do they transmit the virus.

However, COVID-19 can be deadly for older and vulnerable people so it’s important to protect them. This will help eliminate hospital overcrowding.


Lockdowns will prevent population immunity and prolong the problem. Isolating the vulnerable and allowing the remaining population to practice safe distancing has been a historically proven way of dealing with flu-like viruses.


Fear instilled by panic and hysteria in the media is causing more people to die. Many are refusing to seek medical care because they are afraid to leave their homes. Others have not received proper medical care because of new procedures put in place.


There is no strong medical evidence that face masks prevent infection with respiratory viruses, including COVID-19. This is even stated in government guidelines for businesses.

COVID-19 style social distancing has little to do with the historically proven practice of isolating sick people. There is no scientific evidence that these measures prevent the spread of the disease.

Listen to medical experts

 Prof. Sucharit Bhakdi
Professor of medical microbiology at the Johannes Gutenberg University

Dr. John Ioannidis
Stanford University

Prof. Knut Wittkowski
Headed The Rockefeller University’s Department of Biostatistics, Epidemiology, and Research Design

Inform yourself about the issues

“A government cannot stop a virus. What stops a virus is natural immunity. It’s impossible to stop a virus by government decree.”

Professor Yoram Lass, former Israeli Health Ministry chief

What is happening now will affect us for decades to come. Do not leave your children’s future in the hands of the media, politicians and corporations. This site will provide you with some references but it is important that you find out for yourself what the evidence is telling us. Our generation and generations to come will have to live with the decisions being made while we are told to stay at home.

“Do not be afraid, but speak and do not be silent”


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