EvidenceNotFear is a curated archive of COVID-19 information, referenced and sourced from mainstream publications. We are not doing the science nor are we coming up with new information. There are other people with better resources to handle that task. Our role is to archive, summarise and reference existing information with credible sources.

Does this site have an agenda? Yes, definitely. That agenda is to convince the general public that most people have nothing to fear from the virus and the response worldwide is leading society down a dangerous road. You may agree or disagree but the evidence to back up these claims are presented here.

We define a credible source as one that the general public is likely believe. This would normally be a mainstream news article, trade journal, academic publication, or a notable expert. Of course, this does not mean that the source is always reliable, always truthful or right about everything. It does not mean other less well-known sources should be dismissed. Nevertheless, we present widely acceptable references for the purposes of defending our conclusions.

Who we are

The site’s objective means that our identities do not matter. Our actual names are unimportant because we present other people’s findings and conclusions which you can check for yourself.

We are not interested in becoming well-known or making money out of this situation. We simple want to live life as normally as possible during these times. Nevertheless people have asked about us so this is what we’re willing to share.

We are a small group of people in the UK with families and careers across sectors including technology and engineering, retail, fitness and the service industries. Essentially, we are ordinary British people who are concerned about the direction the UK is heading in response to COVID-19.

This site grew out of a list of links we shared with our personal contacts to counteract the fear and misinformation the media was spreading about COVID-19. By March 2020, it became clear that we needed to consolidate the information in a way that is easier to understand.

EvidenceNotFear was launched in April 2020 to share the information we collected with the wider public.

Calling for a public debate

Since before the nationwide lock-down in the UK, Public Health England had not considered COVID-19 to be a high consequence infectious disease due to its low overall mortality rate. Nevertheless, the UK Government responded to the virus by shutting down British society. The media was constantly churning out hysterical headlines about mass deaths.

During an emergency, reacting in the wrong way costs lives. We asked ourselves: Is Britain reacting in the right way? There were many more questions and we were not hearing any serious discussion in our media.

This website is our contribution to the public debate that is needed to meet the challenges ahead.


To contact us, please email evidencenotfear (at) protonmail (dot) com. Please note that we may not be able to reply to every email.

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