“Virus Mania is a social disease of our highly developed society. To cure it will require conquering fear, fear being the most deadly contagious virus, most efficiently transmitted by the media.”

Etienne de Harven, pathologist

Take action

We are told by the media, politicians and corporations that things will never be the same but they have no right to tell us how we live our lives. Do not sit back and let others decide your future. Here are some ways you can take action now.

Inform yourself about the issues. Find out for yourself what the evidence is telling us and what’s at stake.

The medical experts we have reviewed tell us that if you are healthy, there is no medical reason for you to remain locked in your home. Go out and take exercise. Do not be afraid to go to the shops and meet other people. Do not be afraid to visit the doctor if you need medical attention. Get on with your life.

It has become clear that the government did not have a credible exit plan when they started the lockdowns so make your own.

Now is not the time to stay silent. Speak out while you still can. Discuss where the country is heading with your relatives, friends, neighbours. Speak out both online and offline but remember, real change happens in the real world, not the virtual world.

Download leaflets you can use to spread the word in your local community.

Our local communities and small businesses have been systematically destroyed over the past few decades. The new COVID-19 measures will make us completely dependent on large corporations and centralised government. It’s time for us to rebuild our real-life support networks and communities.

If you do not know anyone near you, try reaching out through online forums such as:

Collaborate with others in your local area to find ways of meeting the challenges ahead. When possible, prefer neighbourhood business and independent shops over corporate chains.

Lockdown Skeptics has an Open for Business Directory where you can search for local businesses in retail and hospitality that have reopened in your area.

Find your local MP and write to them to make your views known. Convince all your contacts to do the same. It is worth doing this even if you do not believe in the democratic process. Representatives may ignore individual letters but they they will need to pay attention to a flood.

@WeWillBeFree82 on Twitter has kindly provided a letter template that you can download and adjust to your needs:

Big Brother Watch has an email template that you can send to your MP urging them to repeal Schedule 21 in the Coronavirus Act.

Join petitions and action campaigns. You can find a list of campaigns we know about below.

Petitions and action campaigns

Note: We are not associated with the organisers of these campaigns. Please exercise your own discernment before taking part.

To add your campaign to this list, please leave a suggestion below. The suggestions are moderated and anything off topic may be moved to our discussions page.

News sources

The mainstream media in the UK has failed in its duty as the people’s watchdog. Rather than allowing the robust discussion needed in a time of crisis, it has chosen close down any dissent. Their coverage on COVID-19 has demonstrated clearly that they no longer deserve your attention.

Visit the following sources for updates and news about COVID-19. They have proven themselves with excellent investigative journalism, unafraid to buck safe conformity that has infected the globe.


Face masks flyerLet people know there is no scientific evidence for masks. Keep with you when in public and hand out when challenged to wear a mask. PDF (27kB)
4FreedomsSake campaign flyersFlyers from campaign group @4FreedomsSake to awareness regarding the truth about the real risks of Covid19 and costs of lockdown.Go to post
Keep Britain Free campaign resourcesFlyers, letter templates and social media artwork.Visit external site to download
Face covering litigation toolkitA printable ‘toolkit’ by Law or Fiction you can carry when you are out and about.

This is a document you can use if you want to rely on the ‘reasonable excuse’ exemption when asked why you are not wearing a face covering when entering a shop or using public transport.

It explains your rights and creates an ‘administrative nuisance’ to the business.
PDF (200kB)

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38 suggestions on “Fearless”

The letter should be asking for a repeal of the Coronavirus Act 2020 because it gave the government unprecedented powers but that was gain under false pretences. As a minimum it should be debated and voted on again.

What an amazing resource!!!!! Thank YOU SO MUCH for putting together this brilliant website that raises awareness to educate and empower people. This was so very needed, given how biased the mainstream media is, how fear-filled most people are, and how much control and tyranny have spread throughout our world. I feel so grateful that I found this site by pure luck, and will be happy to share it with others. The format, layout, and resources that you put together are all outstanding. The only suggestion I can think of at this time would be to look at Dr. Pam Popper’s videos on YouTube too, and perhaps including some of them, as she has had excellent info on this whole mess since the start too. Other than that, keep up the amazing work!

Not a suggestion, just a comment. Isn’t Bill Gates one of the largest investors of Change.Org, the forum used for the petition your shared? ‘Stop Vaccines Becoming Mandatory In the UK’ yet he’s pushing for this. I find this odd.

No idea if he’s an investor of change.org but even if he is I doubt they’d filter every petition because that would be too obvious.

Hi, recently I was arrested for being outside, in Spain and I want to start a legal action against this tyranny.
First of all, I would like to start a simple webpage/blog for spainyards to be informed and join with me to fight for our freedom.
Can I use some of your content from this magnificent page that sum up all that is necessary to know? Of course mentioning the sources.

Of course! Please go ahead and use anything that you find useful. Send your new site’s URL to the email address below and I’ll link to it here.

Email evidencenotfear (at) protonmail (dot) com.

There is definitely a sinister agenda afoot globally by the despotic puppet leaders of the various countries involved in this misinformation, lies, propanda and police state placing innocent citizens under house arrest. This need to stop. Pleolpe at large need to know the truth.

Hi, I’m looking for people to start a campaign I want to call ‘ I’ll shake your hand’ getting people to shake hands when they meet. I’d like to connect with anybody who’s got some experience in starting a campaign to brainstorm how we could do this. Thanks

Hi there,

I am wondering whether you have considered the Swiss Policy Research wesbite page “Facts about Covid-19” for inclusion in the Globally section of the network list.

Please add Vernon Coleman to the network list for uk. He is on you tube and has his own website vernoncoleman.com

Thanks for making this website, just found it today,


That’s odd, as I’ve always been able to access. Could be a Word Press issue. I’ve notified them of the problem, so hopefully it will be resolved shortly.

I was pleased to find this website and then disappointed to find that much of it doesn’t rely on or at least state reputable scientific sources. Following links to The Metro or other papers is hardly going to help convince people.

I would beg to differ. Our goal is to bring the facts to ordinary people. The average person can relate better to mainstream publications, including The Metro, than to scientific papers that often require specialist knowledge to understand. Mainstream publications often feature the opinions of experts who then explain the facts in a way that is easy-to-understand.

Furthermore, the COVID-19 crisis is not a purely scientific phenomenon. Arguably it has more of a current events, historical and political impact. For these areas, newspapers are most definitely an academically accepted primary source of information.

Scientists and experts know where to find the correct information so they do not need any help from us. Nevertheless, we have also collected over one hundred medical publications here for those who would like more rigorous references.

Hello, I’ve recently created a petition to ask the government to ensure there will be no second national lockdown this winter, based on the Sage report that leaked today (29th August). I currently need 4 more signatures for this petition to be published and so would appreciate your support. Thank you.

Hello. Emphasis needs to be put on the fact that the government have no evidence whatsoever of a pandemic and yet we are still being deprived of our human rights. Last March the government just labelled everybody “potentially infectious” with the coronavirus in the Coronavirus Act 2020, and then imposed lockdown, and now they are asking people to get tested to see if there is a pandemic. This is like the government passing a law which says that Joe Bloggs is guilty of drink-driving (perhaps calling it the “Joe Bloggs (Drink-Driving) Act 2020”), making Joe serve his sentence, and then six months later breathalysing him to see if he has any alcohol in his system, in order to justify their actions.

I cannot tell you how ecstatic I am that my sister found your website and shared it with me. I just put together a one page “Covid Good News Paper” and pass it out on the busier streets. It’s a summary of some of the best evidence with the sole purpose of alleviating the fear and ending the tyranny. Now I can just send them to your site. I SO WISH we had the equivalent here in the US. Does anyone know of such a site? Eternal gratitute and God bless.

I’m running a Facebook Lobby Group aimed at ending the lockdown in Australia. I have kept the conspiracy nuts out of it and have some influential members. I am using your tactics and any assistance you could give would be much appreciated

To support the “alternative” views of Professor Sunetra Gupta, Professor of theoretical epidemiology at Oxford university, and all other scientists that are anti lockdown, and who support more relaxed government measures to increase population immunity whilst shielding the elderly and vulnerable.
Also advocating sniffer dogs to detect coronavirus as a serious testing strategy at airports, cruise ships and terminals, theatres and concerts, universities and schools, etc.