Adverse drug reaction stories

The public is told that adverse drug reactions to the new COVID-19 vaccinations are rare yet more people are coming forward to tell of life-changing side-effects. This is a series of people in the UK telling their stories.

We, along with a small group on Twitter in mid-2021, were among the first to try spreading awareness that adverse reactions seem to cluster around specific batch numbers. In particular, multiple people were reporting problems with the following batch numbers:

More groups have now been formed to help those who have been vaccine injured.

If you have been injured by the Covid-19 Vaccines, visit the UK CV Family Website.

Actor John Bowe has also set up a UK-based helpline for those injured by the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Monday to Friday 9am – 5pm
02038 220 999 (UK)

Calls charged at standard rates

Note: We are not connected in any way with these organisations, nor have we verified the information they provide.

Batch no. AB0012

Wayne Cunnington

Batch noAB0012
Date given22 February 2021
SourceWayne Cunnington

The first video is from Wayne Cunnington who suffered brain tissue damage as a direct result of the AstraZeneca jab with a prognosis of MS and Dementia.

Update October 2021: Wayne’s Twitter account has now been set to private so only logged users can view the video. A public copy can be viewed here.

Batch no. PV46671

Jules Serkin

Batch noPV46671
Date given5 March 2021
SourcePaul Easter

Jules suffered aches, debilitating headaches and blood clots. Read the news report here.

Rachel Matthews

Batch noPV46671
Date given6 March 2021
SourceRachel Matthews

Rachel Matthews received the AstraZeneca jab on 6th March. By 19th March she was hospitalised for a week with a blood clot on her liver and has muscle pain in her legs.

Howard Griffiths

Batch noPV46671
Date given4 March 2021
SourceHoward Griffiths


Batch noPV46671
Date given9 March 2021

Batch no. PW40008

Claire Hibbs

Batch noPW40008
Date given31 March 2021
SourcePaul Easter

Claire spent several nights in hospital after experiencing blood clots in the lungs and liver after taking the AstraZeneca jab.


Batch noPW40008
Date given25 March 2021

‘GardenerSpike’ is a wife and mother of three who wishes to remain anonymous until she receives a confirmed diagnosis from her GP. She has provided a photo of her vaccine card as proof that she received the Astra Zeneca jab.

GardenerSpike’s account, as sent to us, is copied below.

I am finally getting a face to face appt with my dr tomorrow after having these issues and it getting worse this last 6 weeks. I eventually decided to ring Dr and got a ringback appt on fri last wk. I really thought with my symptoms, he would have had alarm bells ringing and i told him I wanted an MRI I would pay privately but he wants to see me Wed (tomorrow) and perhaps get bloods and discuss what kind of tests or if MRI the question to ask what they would be looking for! He thinks it could be vascular but I know this is nerves.

My SE started the morning after when I woke with an horrendous migraine and my pillow was soaked from my eyes. Fast forward, my vision got very blurry and every morning I have to put drops in to open them. I got an emerg appt with my optician thinking i was losing my eyesight – it turns out that now I have to wear glasses (but I dont as it comes and goes throughout the day) of 1.50+ , I didnt need them before March – my oil glands in my eyes are now blocked/dry.
I had my right ear and side of face burning which a week later then peeled like a snake

I’m left with very sensitive hearing on that side now

My balance is greatly affected and i have a buzzing in my head and nead sometimes like a snapping that you get from one of those vandegraph machines in high school lessons.

My head feels like it is wobbling and my neck feels like i need to support it all the time.

I have weird feelings and headaches still but not so much as migraines like they were.

I have a loss of feeling in my right foot and now in my right hand; the grip feels weaker and i have to really think about holding cups; I am also now doing a strange kind of holding that hand like a clench.

I feel like i have drunk 5 cups of coffee; theres like a tremble in my body. My foot doesn’t feel like it is mine although i can move it and feel it. but its weaker and numb if that makes sense. I believe myself, that I have nerve damage or an inflammation in my nerves.

Gary Blick

Batch noPW40008
Date given8 April 2021
SourceGary Blick

Batch no. FA1027 and FF3319

Eve Dale

Batch noFA1027, FF3319
Date given26 June 2021

A 20-year-old self-employed nail technician realizes her life is going to be very different for the foreseeable future. Now she is warning others to “please just do your research.”

More information on

Batch no. 4120Z003

Frances Reynolds

Batch no4120Z003
Date given18 March 2021
SourceFrances Reynolds

I’ve now got autoimmune condition causing inflammation in spine and hips. Started 36 hours after jab.

Unknown batch numbers


Details to follow when available.

Anthony Shingler

Batch noNot released
Date givenMarch 2021

Anthony Shingler was a formerly ‘fit-and-healthy’ grandad who has been diagnosed with Guillain-Barré syndrome (GBS) after having his first dose of AstraZeneca in March 2021. His story was reported by StokeonTrentLive on 6th July 2021.

Source: StokeonTrentLive, 6th July 2021


VaccineAstraZeneca, Pfizer
Batch noNot released
Date givenFebruary 2021
SourceDr. John Campbell

Alex Mitchell

VaccineTo follow
Batch noNot released
Date givenTo follow
SourceJames Delingpole

More information

Please visit our COVID-19 Vaccination page to find out more about the vaccines that have been authorised for supply in the UK. There you will find links to officially published sources for Adverse Drug Reactions around the world. If you decide to take the jab, you will find information to support the informed consent process.

We also have an archive of news reports about adverse drug reactions in the UK.

You can search the UK’s MHRA Yellow Card Covid-19 Adverse Reactions Data using the tool by UK Column.

The OpenVAERS Project allows you to easily browse and search the US Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System.

If you have suffered side-effects after taking a COVID-1 jab, visit the Coronavirus Yellow Card reporting site to file your report.

How bad is my vaccine batch?

An investigation of the USA’s Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System (VAERS) database revealed high numbers of adverse reactions and deaths against specific lot numbers of the Covid-19 vaccines.If you have been vaccinated, an online app can help you check your batch number: How Bad is My Batch?

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Post a comment below if you would like to share your story. It would be helpful for others if you can provide the details below but of course, do not post any confidential information:

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  • Which vaccine was administered
  • The batch number
  • Date given
  • The side-effects you experienced

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26 comments on “Adverse drug reaction stories”

My partner had the az Pw40008. He had a severe reaction with his heart. No underlying health issues. We used to climb snowdon, peak district, biking, hiking, working as a builder 6 days a week. 5 aside football twice a week. Fittest 52 year old. 2 weeks after the jab, he collapsed with heart failure. Emergency pacemaker fitted. 10 months in and out of hospital. He passed away last January. We are all so broken.

My mum in E Sussex had AZ first dose Jan 2021 batch AB0004 and 2nd dose PW40011 in April 2021 and suffered 2 TIA’s so is now similar to Demented with the brain damage, and had venous breakdown in her legs too. Probably all from the first dose as it was discovered in Spring that she had had the TIAs. I only found out after lockdown and family bubble let me get involved, and reported it to MHRA Yellow Card system. She had Pfizers later (against my advice) but no obvious issues with those. Mum is Elizabeth Bates and I am ​Julia Woodman, in Dorking.

I had AstraZeneca PV46673, March 2021. I was tryathlon fit with no underlying health conditions. I have gone to bed for the last two and half years wondering if I am going to wake up in the morning. Doctors are either not interested or don’t have the time.

I had Astra Zeneca Pv46671 in March 2021 and still suffering with muscle pain and weakness, breathing problems, chest pain, exhaustion and new diagnosis of hypothyroidism and fibromyalgia.

Received Astrazeneca AB0012 , same night high temperature night sweats Illusinations. Since I’ve had Hernua problems one operation still not rite , also eye problems Arcus Cornea -ongoing I don’t drink smoke or eat meat. Lots of fatigue , looking for others with the same batch number 🤔 keep fighting !

Received the AZ vaccine on the 1st May 2021. Batch PW40040. Almost immediately felt ill. Temperature, achy and cold to the core. Never really recovered. The doctor says I had a bad immunological reaction to the vaccine. Some days I cant concentrate or think properly, achy and exhausted. Can sleep for hours and wake up exhausted still. Recently diagnosed with a number of autoimmune issues that were definitely not there before. Thyroid packed in. Diagnosed with coeliac. Dr started treating me for long covid as he says the vaccine can give you that. The worst thing is loosing my ability to think properly. Starting to feel a bit better after over a year, but life has been tough, and I am not sure if I will get back to how I was.

James, I think the Long covid diagnosis is an easy get out of jail card for the doctor. I was also referred to LC clinic and it is clear to me I have different symptoms.

Milton Keynes
AstraZeneca and Pfizer booster
AZ: AB0004 and PV46673. Pfizer booster: FV8L88
AstraZeneca on 22nd January and 3rd April 2021. Pfizer booster 9th October 2021.

To cut a long story short since May 2021 my life has dramatically changed. I was an outgoing type, exercised 3 times a week and lived a fulfilled life.

I’ve gained 3st and have severe full body swelling despite eating fewer than 200cal a day on a good day. I used to be a healthy 6st for my height. Chronic headache, insomnia, severe thirst, nausea, fatigue, general aches and unwellness. Apart from the weight gain/swelling being a major distressing symptom I’ve also had 16 UTIs. I never used to be unwell or have infections. This month I was in hospital with pneumonitis (lung tissue inflammation), pulmonary oedema and lung tissue damage.

I hope by sharing my story I can help someone feel less alone.

My husband had Ab0004 Jan 2021 lost 3 stone in weight in less than two months two TIA s and told clot on lung although on blood thinners at time reported to us in May same year. Diagnosed with Dementia over phone in June 2021 as his mental health really deteriorated. A three times a week golfer and gym enthusiast even then at 76. Under mental health as anxiety through room. Still only 7 1/2 stone from being 11 stone before first vax.

On the 4th of April 21, I collapsed at home 14 days after my 1st Az jag. I spent over 7 hours in surgery having clots removed from my abdomen and both legs. I lost my left leg from above the knee and I have numerous other things going on. All from the vaccine. I was a really fit and healthy person with no underlying health issues.

All this has been confirmed in writing by the Heomotology team at Hairmyres University hospital and has been medically classified as Vitt( vaccine induced thrombotic thrombocytopenia). The uk government have done nothing to support me and others like me as yet. #VITT Till I die

I have been ill for one year due to batch PV46671 still no admission was fit And well prior to vaccine

My 1st AS vaccine in 2021 was fine. The 2nd in April 2021 was far from good. It’s now well over a year, and my arm is still sore. More importantly, within a week of my 2nd jab, my trigger finger became painful. I had difficulty in grasping things. My GP said it was ‘a coincidence.’ Rubbish. For all of my adult (59 years) I have had NO issues with my hand. This is a direct result of the vaccine It still causes me problems.

I am a pharmacist and was seeing a lot of reactions mainly in young people who had severe headaches, bedridden with fatigue, turning green.
Many skin reaction, seen swollen eyes.
An elderly lady had a slight stroke hours after the vaccine.My elderly freind has problems breathing at night and cannot walk far.At 77 she cannot get a consultant appointment.At Wellcome I worked in the dept which looked at adverse reactions to vaccines.We always assumed that reactions within 2 weeks were connected to vaccination.Until proven otherwise.That is why people who are unwell should not have vaccinations until better.
The rules have been reversed by a few people who have no experience or qualifications to do so and no evidence.Crazy.

Another resource:

reAct 19 is a research focused grassroots organization made up of patients, scientists and physicians. Working to increase our understanding in the role of Covid-19 in those who experience systemic and prolonged symptoms, after acute infection or after vaccination.

AB009 14-02-2021 Astra Zenica
PW4009 , 23-04-2021 Astra Zenica
A mild Bells Palsy , can t close one eye and pain in ear and jaw on same side.
The eye has blistered a few times and aches and am concerned about long term health of eye so am keen to join any trial treatments by Astra Zenica if anyone knows how I offer myself. I am an artist

I had AZ AB 0009 on 06/02/21. I have an underlying condition (Neurosarcoidosis) causing neuropathy in my legs and was starting to see gradual results from 14 months of expensive NHS funded immuno suppressant treatment (Infliximab) since 12/19. For example, I had considerably reduced leg neuropathy immediately before the vaccine. I was encouraged to have the vaccine due to being clinically extremely vulnerable.
Within 4 days of the AZ shot my leg neuropathy symptoms returned with a vengeance, undoing all the good work of my expensive treatment. I do not know if this is a recurrence of my pre existing condition or a new phenomenon caused by the vaccine.
My neurologist has recorded this in my NHS notes and indicated that he had seen vaccine reactions in other neuro inflammatory patients. I am still suffering 18 months later in October 2022.

I had the AZ PV46671 batch on the 8th March this year. My arm at the injection site was not only painful but had blown up like a balloon. It felt like an iron rod had been shot through it. I had headaches muscle aches, breathing difficulties. I took myself to A&E where they took a blood test to make sure it wasn’t an infection of the injection site. Once they found out it wasn’t they just sent me home telling me not to take aspirin. I haven’t felt well since, with extreme tiredness, leg pains, headaches, pins and needles.

As many of you above, I had the Astra Zeneca batch PV46671 and had a very bad reaction and am still suffering some very nasty disabling affects months later. No one will listen so still refusing the second jab. I’m North of England.

I had AstraZeneca and for months have experienced eye burning and pain and tongue burning, no one can tell me why and I’m left alone to suffer.

I was the fittest I’d ever been when given my first shot of AstraZeneca on 9/3/2021, I was cycling 350km a week and set to race as soon as I could.
As the nurse administered it I thought why am I doing this? I don’t even Vax my dog? My partner & friends knew of my scepticism and I’d say they had coerced me, although ultimately I sat there and took the needle.
Since then over 3 months ago I have suffered daily severe migraines, sinus pressure headaches, tinnitus, unbearable leg cramps which took me to A&E, vertigo, deteriorating eye sight, menstrual issues, breathing issues, extremely high heart rate & palpitations and chronic fatigue! I have refused the second jab 5 times. My GP and hospital have no explanations.