The Crown Virtual Pub

Chat, connect, share information and keep others company during The COVID Era and The Great Reset. It’s not as good as a real pub but better than isolation.

Not too long ago we could sit in a cafe, chat after church or pop into the pub for some conversation with friends. Now we have to deal with lockdowns and social distancing. Our normal venues for social interaction have been removed from everyday life. Even online, discussion outside the permitted parameters is being shut down.

Humans are social creatures so now, more than ever, it’s important to seek and maintain social contact with others. We can do this by talking with our family and friends but how about meeting new like-minded people? How about those without people they can connect with?

Join us on Discord

We have set up a virtual pub on Discord, an online platform where people can talk, collaborate and spend time with each other. There is no way it can replace real face-to-face human contact found in a real pub but for now, it may be the next best thing for many.

Drop in, step out whenever you like, or stay all day just for the company. Currently we have several text and voice rooms including:

  • The Lounge
  • COVID and The Great Reset
  • News and Politics
  • Local Businesses
  • Singles Bar

We will add more topics as the community develops.

How to join

  1. Create your Discord account then click our invitation link:
  2. Once you’re in, head over to the #read-to-enter! room. (You won’t see all the rooms if you don’t follow the instructions. This is to help filter out bots.)
  3. Introduce yourself over in the #lounge.

If you want to invite your friends, send them over to this page or forward the invitation link: