The Crown Virtual Pub

Note to members of The Crown Virtual Pub community on Discord. Our server has been removed by the Discord team so we are rebuilding it on another platform. Please follow the instructions below to rejoin the pub.

The Crown Virtual Pub was launched during The First Lockdown when our normal venues for social interaction were removed from everyday life. It is now a community where we share information and support each other with ideas and resources during The COVID Era and The Great Reset.

How to join

  1. Create your account on Guilded.
  2. Fill out and submit the application form.
  3. Guilded will notify you when your application is accepted.

We use the application form only to help filter out bot accounts.

We are rebuilding our community after the original server was deplatformed. Help us by inviting your contacts to sign up using this link:

Join us on Guilded

We have set up the virtual pub on Guilded, an online platform where people can talk, collaborate and spend time with each other. Drop in, step out whenever you like, or stay all day just for the company. Currently we have several text and voice rooms including:

  • The Lounge
  • COVID and The Great Reset
  • News and Politics
  • Local Businesses
  • Singles Bar

We will add more topics as the community develops.