In 2020, 47 Countries Witness Surge in Civil Unrest – Security Magazine

From Security Magazine, 29 January 2020, citing the Maplecroft Civil Unrest Index.

A quarterly Civil Unrest Index reveals that over the past year 47 jurisdictions have witnessed a significant uptick in protests, which intensified during the last quarter of 2019.

This includes locations as diverse as Hong Kong, Chile, Nigeria, Sudan, Haiti and Lebanon.During this period, Chile and Hong Kong have plummeted in the ranking of 198 countries, from 91st to 6th and 117th to 26th highest risk respectively, says the Maplecroft Civil Unrest Index. Other hotspots, including Nigeria (ranked 8th), Lebanon (13th) and Bolivia (21st), have also recorded some of the biggest negative swings in the index.


Unless you want our children to grow up in a world based on wickedness, stand up to this – Bob Moran

This is an archive of a series of Tweets by Bob Moran, cartoonist for The Telegraph. It has been formatted for readability but otherwise kept intact.

Bob Moran is an award-winning cartoonist. He has worked for The Daily Telegraph since 2011. In 2017, Bob was named Political Cartoonist of the Year by the Cartoon Arts Trust and in 2018 became The Telegraph’s lead cartoonist.

Header image by Bob Moran.

The choice we have been presented with from the beginning is a false one. The government says – and most people seem to believe – that we must choose between sacrificing freedoms and livelihoods or letting thousands of people die.

This is not, and has never been, the choice. The reality has always been that a lot of people were going to die this year (though possibly no more than any other year). The choice we had to make was between two groups of people; if we let one live, the other would possibly die.

The first group of people is, almost exclusively, very old people who are already very sick, with an average age which exceeds the average life expectancy. The size of this group is around 20,000 – that is the number we hope to save, although in this context, ‘save’ really means delaying their imminent death by a few months.

The second group of people consists of all ages with a much, much younger average age and contains children and newborn babies. This group numbers at least 200,000 but is probably a lot bigger. The loss of life, therefore, is huge.

Every decision taken has been about making this choice, between these two groups. As a society, we were presented with an opportunity to demonstrate our understanding of the value of life, the preservation and protection of the young and our adherence to moral principles.

And we chose the wrong group. We chose to let the much larger group of much younger people die and, just to make it even more wicked, we did it without any certainty that we would ‘save’ anybody in the first group.

This decision shames us all. It will scar us for generations.

We have made the wrong choice and now, we’ve done it a second time. The people who support lockdown, who wear masks, who download the app, who get tested, who strain every sinew to make this virus seem frightening, they are declaring that this choice was the right one.

They want this undeniable evil to be the new moral philosophy on which our society is built. There is no longer room for hindsight, no excuses for not understanding what we were doing. It has been clear since April.

This is what I am standing against. The good, kind, decent people who oppose all of this are not whingeing about their own freedoms being taken away, they are not moaning about the ‘inconvenience’ of it all, they are desperately trying to protect our collective sense of good.

Unless you want our children to grow up in a world based on wickedness, stand up to this. Fight it. Reject it. Say, “No.”

At the very least, don’t let there be any doubt as to which side you are on.

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Have the protests proved that Covid-19 risks are being vastly exaggerated? – The Spectator

By now, we ought to be seeing some evidence of increasing Covid-19 cases from the mass protests. The fact we are not raises very serious doubts about the coronavirus lockdowns and other non-pharmaceutical interventions, many of which are still ongoing.

…The third explanatory hypothesis is that we have vastly overestimated certain risks from Covid-19, limiting fundamental civil liberties of law-abiding citizens and getting it wrong. It finally took unsanctioned mass protests to prove this point.


Lockdown vs BLM protests compared

The anti-lockdown protests and BLM protests in London were only days apart yet the police and media handled them in very different ways. The double-standards are clearly displayed here.

Lockdown protests

BLM protests

News coverage


“Lizzie Dearden meets the conspiracy theorists happy to creak the law to oppose what they see as the ‘tyranny’ of coronavirus restrictions”

16 May 2020

“Black Lives Matter: All the peaceful protests happening in the UK this week.”

4 June 2020

The Sun

“COVIDIOTS – Scuffles as dozens of protesters including Jeremy Corbyn’s brother whinge about coronavirus lockdown in Hyde Park”

16 May 2020

“London Protest – Justice for Black Lives protest: What time is the Parliament Square demo on June 6?”

6 June 2020

The Express

“London lockdown protest: Huge crowd gathers in Hyde Park for idiotic coronavirus stunt”

16 May 2020

“London Protest: Black Lives Matter demonstration begins – organisers promise biggest ever”

3 June 2020

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The public must lead us out of the lockdown – Spiked

Covid conformism must be confronted. In their echo chambers, where they’re all trying to outdo each other in their levels of commitment to smashing Covid, the political and media elites have become increasingly blinkered, dogmatic and intolerant on everything related to Covid-19. The lack of relaxed, freely stated opposition to their lockdown mania means they become madder and madder in their commitment to it. The corrosion of freedom of thought in relation to Covid-19 has deadly consequences, because it means the lockdown endures – nine weeks now – when many people know in their heart of hearts that it is wrong and deeply damaging to the future of this country.


The people are leading Italy out of lockdown – Spiked

[M]any of these measures were not included in the government’s initial decree for phase two of the easing. Many of these changes are due to pressure applied by the public and civil society.

It was striking that one of the first changes was made after pressure from what is traditionally one of the most conservative sections of Italian society: the Catholic Church…Some brave priests were violating the lockdown.

Officially, the [lockdown] process has been led by experts.  The government has created various committees of more than 450 experts to guide its coronavirus policies. These include a taskforce established on 10 April of economists, scientists, managers and psychologists to help the government navigate the path out of lockdown. 

Economic hardship was undoubtedly a major factor compelling people to protest….Lots of Italians are angry because they can see there is no rationale or fairness in the way the government has chosen to ease the lockdown.

Only a truly democratic government, which draws its authority from the people, has a chance of dealing effectively with Covid-19 and the emerging social and economic crisis.


Britain’s chilling slide into totalitarianism – Spiked

For the first time in my lifetime, a British government has drawn a utilitarian line in the sand and declared that no peaceful protest can be tolerated.


Nineteen protesters are arrested at Hyde Park rally against the government’s coronavirus restrictions – Daily Mail


14 arrested by police at London anti-lockdown protest – 9 May 2020


Mass gathering on Saturday, 16th May, 2020 at 12PM in Hyde Park

This poster for a mass gathering has been circulating in social media. We do not know if it is genuine but it may be of interest to some readers.

Details: Saturday, 16th May, 2020 at 12PM in Hyde Park, London.

News Videos

One man arrested during mass HUG and anti-lockdown protest in London – Urban Pictures UK

At least one man was arrested during to an anti-lockdown protest in Central London today (Sat 2nd May). The demo, which was organised on social media, saw demonstrators congregate close together outside New Scotland Yard. At one point, several protesters, including children, were seen to take part in a mass hug. They were campaigning for an end to lockdown procedures introduced by the government a month ago following the coronavirus outbreak.


Coronavirus: whatever happened to the right to protest? – Spiked

The mass arrest of anti-lockdown protesters in Berlin shows we have given up our freedoms far too easily.


Germany protests lockdown

Germany is now starting to protest the lockdown. The organizer, medical lawyer Beate Bahner, was later arrested and committed to a psychiatric institution.


German lawyer Beate Bahner who questioned lockdown arrested and committed to psychiatric institution

Lawyer Beate Bahner, a Medical Law specialist in Heidelberg Germany, recently filed a lawsuit against the German government’s lockdown measures. She was arrested and committed to a psychiatric institution after organizing a protest.


Coronavirus lockdown: German lawyer detained for opposition – UK Column