Is the NHS at risk of being overwhelmed by Covid? – The Spectator

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary, has gone back to Plan A, reviving his ‘protect the NHS’ message from March and now wears a facemask with those words on it. The Prime Minister is repeating the slogan. It’s  deeply controversial with senior doctors who fear that it discourages the sick from seeking help – which might explain the 28,000 excess at-home deaths over the last few months. The NHS is worried about this and has countered with its own advert, urging people to seek medical help. I looked at this in my latest Daily Telegraph column.

The NHS has learned much from the first wave of Covid. PPE equipment, for example, is now in bountiful supply. Basic medical techniques – better use of blood thinners, oxygen therapy, steroids etc – are having a big impact on survival rates. When Boris Johnson went into intensive care, his survival chances were about 50 per cent. Now, they would be closer to 70 per cent. The trajectory this time is nowhere near as daunting – the below graph shows the rise of Covid patients needing critical care. As the data shows, intensive care unit (ICU) usage is 13 per cent of what it was at the end of March. (These figures are from the Intensive Care National Audit & Research Centre.)


Don’t believe the scare stories about hospitals running out of ICU beds – The Telegraph

Even in Manchester, hospitals are faring far better than the headline statistics suggest


How eco-warriors are using Covid as an excuse to drive cars off the road: Councils are closing roads but creating more cycle lanes, piling new agony on shops… all under the guise of saving us from the virus – Daily Mail

Covid has been used as an excuse for road closures to encourage people out of their cars to get fit and lose weight and protect themselves against the virus 

London, Oxford, Manchester, Birmingham, York, Edinburgh, Nottingham, Derby and Cardiff are all in line for Government funding to install ‘green’ measures

Government has set aside £225m for ’emergency’ walking and cycling measures

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Bio: @4FreedomsSake is a grassroots activism group, based in Manchester, UK. We campaign against medical & government tyranny, lockdown & a police state.

It is imperative we reach a critical mass of awareness regarding the truth about the real risks of Covid19 and costs of lockdown to prevent the establishment removing more of our rights and freedoms under the pretext of health and safety concerns.

The mainstream media, particularly television news, has essentially become a state propaganda machine on this issue. Therefore it is up to individuals to get the truth out. Flyering and stickering are easy and anonymous ways to spread the message.

Manchester anti-lockdown campaign group @4freedomssake have done the work of putting the key messages together. All you need is a printer (or family member or friend with printer access) and a hour or so to get out into your local community and spread the word. 


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