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Bio: @4FreedomsSake is a grassroots activism group, based in Manchester, UK. We campaign against medical & government tyranny, lockdown & a police state.

It is imperative we reach a critical mass of awareness regarding the truth about the real risks of Covid19 and costs of lockdown to prevent the establishment removing more of our rights and freedoms under the pretext of health and safety concerns.

The mainstream media, particularly television news, has essentially become a state propaganda machine on this issue. Therefore it is up to individuals to get the truth out. Flyering and stickering are easy and anonymous ways to spread the message.

Manchester anti-lockdown campaign group @4freedomssake have done the work of putting the key messages together. All you need is a printer (or family member or friend with printer access) and a hour or so to get out into your local community and spread the word. 


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