Expert argues Britain’s crisis peaked before lockdown; fatality rate could be as low as 0.1% – Daily Mail

Oxford University Professor Carl Heneghan: UK’s outbreak peaked in March before lockdown but ministers had ‘lost sight’ of the scientific evidence and panicked.

See coverage from 21st Century Wire: REVEALED: UK Ministers Knew Crisis Had Peaked Before Lockdown, But Panicked Anyway

See videos from Andrew Mather of who has been showing this by analysing WHO reports.

News Videos

Official data proves the crisis was over before lockdown

Andrew Mather, a mathematician and financier based in the UK, offers a series of videos analysing the COVID-19 data released by various governmental and health bodies.

In this video, he presents how the government had access to data that the case-count growth rate was decelerating long before the UK lockdown.

Curve Analysis

His Primer on Curve Analysis may also be useful.

Why the UK lockdown hasn’t worked