Searching for COVID-19 Knowledge through Autopsies – Spiegel International

None of them were healthy at the time they became infected with the virus. “All of the cases had pre-existing conditions and most of them had several,” says Alexandar Tzankov, a pathologist from the University of Basel.

[D]octors found “multiple pre-existing conditions” and they were present “in every single case.” The cause of death tended to be a respiratory tract infection, a lung infection, a pulmonary embolism or a combination of all three. The most common pre-existing conditions found by the pathologists pertained to the cardiovascular system or the lungs.

“Essentially, COVID-19 isn’t a problem to children or the normal, healthy population,” says Püschel. Furthermore, each individual’s physical condition is a more important factor than age, he says. “Age by itself isn’t an illness. Older people are more likely to suffer from illnesses, but the extent of pre-existing conditions is relevant,” Püschel says