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COVID-19 Models Misrepresent Reality

According to Ned Nikolov, Ph.D. a physical scientist in Colorado, USA, the COVID-19 models misrepresent reality.

Comparing #COVID19 Projections ( with reported data by Covid Tracking ( for Apr 5:

  • Overestimation of hospitalizations: 8 times
  • Overestimation of of ICU beds needed: 6.4 times
  • Overestimation of ventilators needed: 40.5 times

These are the types of “projections” that drive the #COVID19 hysteria. The level of exaggeration by these so-called models is staggering. This is also what JUNK science looks like.
Dr. Fauci’s recommendations for lockdown are based on such faulty models. It’s truly a disgrace!

Ned Nikolov: verestimation of hospitalizations